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CSE imparts the wisdom learned from 25 years of sales, sales management, and corporate sales training experience to Attorneys, CPAs, Engineers, and Business Consultants. Work/life harmony is the goal. CSE teaches you the essential processes and conversation skills to acquire the types of clients you want, perform client work that energizes you, and bill at the rates you know you’re worth.

Discover How Business Development

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Services We Provide

Solo-Small Firm

Are you driving the training or riding the rollercoaster? Take control of your firm, your practice, and your life by implementing a well-structured business development process. Let us show you how.

Mid-Size Firm

As a managing partner, are you discouraged that there aren’t more opportunities in the firm’s pipeline? Are you tired of being dragged back in to grow your existing clients because the assigned associates struggle to identify and acquire additional client work? We will solve this for you. 

Partner Candidate Selection

Are you frustrated with trying to determine who will succeed as your firm’s next partner instead of it being such a crapshoot? Knowing which candidate is most suitable to succeed in business development can feel like a blax box. Stop the guesswork. We are here to help. 

Why Work With Us

5 Main Reasons To Choose Us

Now more than ever, our traditional ideas of success are shifting and our need for work/life harmony is growing.
Burnout and other mental health concerns are a growing reality for all professionals.
The roller coaster ride of periods of high activity followed by periods of stagnation are contributing factors to stress and imbalance.
Implementing a staged, mile-stone-centric business development process will provide you with the competence and confidence you need.
Work with clients you like, doing the work you love, at the rates you know you’re worth.